Home In Hafnarstræti

Welcome to Akureyri, Iceland’s second largest city with 17,754 inhabitants. Akureyri is located in the north of the country and has a small town feel but still has the services of a major city. This street is called Hafnarstræti and was right near our hotel.


In September 2011, my wife and I went to Iceland for a two week honeymoon. The trip was such an incredible experience. We started in Reykjavík and drove around the outside of the county counterclockwise. Although we made hotel reservations ahead of time, our day to day itinerary wasn’t planned in advance so we could see/do whatever we felt like.

Iceland is such a diverse and amazing place. I’ve never seen such beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and an assortment of scenery anywhere else. One moment you’re walking on a glacier and the next you’re hiking through a lush landscape to a waterfall. Mid to late September seemed like the perfect time of year to go. There were no crowds at any of the sites, we had our pick of where to stay, and the weather was fantastic.

If you’ve never been to Iceland, photos (mine or anyone else’s) don’t really do it justice. It’s somewhere you have to see and experience in person.

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